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Red wine on a white shirt usually spells disaster, but it doesn't have to!

"Vardama" co-founder Kaustubh Varma says the idea of stain resistant clothing was inspired by nature.

“I saw plants repelling the rain that was how I developed it” he said.

“We have a variation of 18 different designs.”

Using Cary Grant as his muse, Vardama co-founder Jorge Umana says his goal was to make the shirts stylish and sleek.

They retail for between $125 to $155, ties are $49 to $89, suits start at $695 and you can even get a customizable tuxedo.

In May, Vardama will start rolling out ladies wear.

“The cream colored suit is a prototype” Jorge said. “So with all this spill resistant clothing under one roof, of course I had to do another spill resistant test.”

When it comes to cleaning, Vardama clothes are no different than the ones in your closet. You can dry clean them or toss them into a washing machine.

Both Varma and Umana say they plan to branch out eventually making clothes for airline employees and people in the hospitality industry.


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