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In the not-too-distant future, we’ll expect a lot more from our clothing.

It will do more than just hang off our bodies and keep us from getting arrested for public nudity. Imagine underwear that monitors your body’s vitals or a shirt that lights a room.

Those days aren’t quite here yet, but there are wearables that do more than just look smart. The Post road-tested four shirts that offer features well beyond the average Gap pullover.


Price: $125-$155 at


Innovation: The line of dress shirts (the company also sells ties and suits) is made with so-called Equa-Tek, a proprietary blend that repels stains “without compromising breathability.”


Result: Shirts have a slim, modern cut and the fabric doesn’t feel particularly plastic-y. You might not know it’s stain-resistant. And yet, dump a cup of coffee on the sleeve and the liquid magically beads. Any residual stain was easily washed out with a run under a faucet.


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