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A new company called Vardama has created a slob-friendly fabric that repels all spills. Red wine, coffee, even a rainbow’s worth of sports drinks will roll right off of it.

“Brands try to redesign their lines every season, but nobody is trying to redesign the actual fabric,” said Kaustubh Varma, the 28-year-old founder of Vardama, who created the miracle hydrophobic cloth (shirts are $125-$155 at

Varma said his invention was inspired by nature: One rainy day, he looked out the window and noticed that drops of water would strike leaves and roll off without soaking them.

He quit his job soon after to develop a fabric that could repel water in the same way.

The result is Equa-Tek, Varma’s proprietary fabric that involves attaching nanofibers to raw cotton before it’s spun into yarn. It ends up feeling almost as soft as regular cotton.

Varma is vague on the manufacturing process — he doesn’t want anyone to steal his idea, after all — but unlike Scotchgard or Teflon, Varma’s liquid-repelling elements are woven into the material itself rather than merely applied as a coating.

He hopes to launch more stainproof clothes, for kids and food-service workers.



"There is no reason not to incorporate this technology into any kind of clothing,” he said. “If brands put this up against their existing shirts, the regular shirt would not sell.”

I wore the shirts — and for the first time since college, I was prepared when friends spilled drinks on my clothes.

And Equa-Tek bounces back from more than tiny spills: An entire glassful of wine rolled down the front without staining anything except the sidewalk. The shirt got a little wet, but it dried quickly and bore no lingering damage.

I repeated the experiment with a mug of coffee and an entire bottle of a sports drink.

This shirt even became a party trick, as I’d hold out my arm in the crowd while someone poured wine on it and someone else caught the vino in a big bowl as it rolled off my sleeve.

Perfect for the man cave — or the office party. 

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