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How are your shirts any different from other spill/stain repellent shirts? Unlike traditional stain resistant solutions, our proprietary technology (EquaTek™) is applied at the yarn level. This creates a lasting effect, while maintaining the natural softness of the fabric. Are the shirts made with toxic chemicals that are harmful to my skin? All of our garments are made with 100% natural & recyclable materials. Our clothing has been independently tested for formaldehyde, PFOA, and PFOS. Our proprietary technology has been scientifically proven to be free of any harmful toxins. Can I pour anything on the shirt without leaving a stain or getting it wet? Our technology infused clothing is designed to withstand all water based liquids such as wine, juice, coffee, soy sauce, and many more. It is important to remember that oil-based liquids are not as easily repelled, although they will wash out easier than conventional fabrics. Our fabrics are not waterproof. They are water resistant. This allows the garments to absorb water when submerged for washing. What about perspiration and sweat stains? The breathability and water resistance of our tech-driven clothing enables the customer to get where they want to go without the appearance of heavy perspiration. We are talking about that subway ride across the city to the office, that outdoor company event over the weekend, a late night out with the guys or date night with that special someone where they want to make the best first impression. How long does the spill resistant technology stay? EquaTek™ garments have been tested to perform for the life of the garment. Prior to launching we underwent rigorous testing by the world’s best testing agencies. Our technology lasts over 80+ washes.

What sort of special cleaning instructions are there?
All our garments can be machine washed or dry cleaned like any other normal dress shirt.

Are the garments breathable?
EquaTek™ garments are engineered such that water based liquids are repelled on their outer surface, so the natural characteristics such as breathability and softness are not affected.

What if the technology stops working?
While we make every effort to have our product designed and manufactured in the best way possible, we understand there is always room for improvement. In case you are not happy with the product received please email us at contact@vardama.com.

Where are the shirts made?
The shirts are designed in New York and made in India.

Do you make or plan to expand the technology to any other products?
We offer additional styles of dress shirts, suits and ties available on our website. We plan to expand to women’s and other categories by Fall 2020.

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Slim fit

EU 38 40 42 44
Neck 14.5 – 15 15.5 – 16 16.5 – 17 17 – 17.5
Chest 38 – 40 40 – 42 42 – 44 44 – 46
Sleeve 32 – 33 33 – 34 34 – 35 35 – 36

Our narrowest fit. Compared to our tailored fit, our slim fit is 2 inches narrower around the chest and 3 inches narrower around the waist, accentuating features of a slim silhouette.

A full length center box pleat in the back runs down the length of the shirt to maximize mobility.

Designed for a slim silhouette with a narrow chest and tapered waist. A box pleat in the back, runs the length of the shirt ensuring better functionality.



EU 38 40 42 44 46
Neck 14.5 – 15 15.5 – 16 16.5 – 17 17 – 17.5 18 – 18.5
Chest 40 – 42 42 – 44 44 – 46 46 – 48 48-50
Sleeve 32 – 33.5 33 – 34 34 – 35 35 – 36 36 – 37

We have refined our shirts to be more form fitting when tucked in or out, unlike traditional dress shirts that are too long, baggy and bulky.

Our tailored fit is considered a contemporary fit amongst other brands. Compared to our slim fit, our tailored Fit is 2 inches wider around the chest and 3 inches wider around the waist, making it a little roomier than our slim fit.

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