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High Tech. Low Maintainance.
Wash30CMachine wash up to 104°F / 40°C
BleachDo not bleach
Tumble Drytumble dry low
Ironiron up to 302°F / 150°C (optional)
Dry Cleandry clean perchloroethylene


To keep your 100% Silk neckties in pristine condition for use every week, the following are a few simple rules to follow:

1. Untie the Knot: Always remember when you remove your necktie after a long day, untie the knot before hanging it up. If you leave your necktie knotted for a long period of time, the silk will crease permanently!

2. To remove wrinkles: Silk neckties should never be ironed. Two great options to remove wrinkles is to roll up the tie (small end first) and leave it for a day, or if it is a deep wrinkle; steam the tie if necessary.

3. Rotation: Stock up on different patterns and sizes to use throughout the week instead of wearing out your favorite necktie.

4. Hang Properly: Either hang your ties with the matched suit that you usually wear them with, or invest in a tie rack that will not only keep the creases out of your ties but will allow you to see your options.

5. Stains: All of Vardama’s neckties are fused with Equa-Tek™ technology to repel stains and liquids; guaranteed with our 365-day return policy. Although, with oil stains and for a quicker stain solution, we recommend using talcum powder to pull out the stain, or as a last resort, take your tie to a trusted dry-cleaner.

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Slim fit

EU 38 40 42 44
Neck 14.5 – 15 15.5 – 16 16.5 – 17 17 – 17.5
Chest 38 – 40 40 – 42 42 – 44 44 – 46
Sleeve 32 – 33 33 – 34 34 – 35 35 – 36

Our narrowest fit. Compared to our tailored fit, our slim fit is 2 inches narrower around the chest and 3 inches narrower around the waist, accentuating features of a slim silhouette.

A full length center box pleat in the back runs down the length of the shirt to maximize mobility.

Designed for a slim silhouette with a narrow chest and tapered waist. A box pleat in the back, runs the length of the shirt ensuring better functionality.



EU 38 40 42 44 46
Neck 14.5 – 15 15.5 – 16 16.5 – 17 17 – 17.5 18 – 18.5
Chest 40 – 42 42 – 44 44 – 46 46 – 48 48-50
Sleeve 32 – 33.5 33 – 34 34 – 35 35 – 36 36 – 37

We have refined our shirts to be more form fitting when tucked in or out, unlike traditional dress shirts that are too long, baggy and bulky.

Our tailored fit is considered a contemporary fit amongst other brands. Compared to our slim fit, our tailored Fit is 2 inches wider around the chest and 3 inches wider around the waist, making it a little roomier than our slim fit.

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