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Inspired by nature, we set out to solve an age-old problem – stains on clothes. We put together a research team to integrate features of infallible stain-resistance, breathability and sophistication into luxurious fabrics for effortless style made to fit our modern lifestyle. Learn More

A Revolutionary Technology

After researching for over two years and testing more than a hundred prototypes, our proprietary formula, Equa-Tek™, was developed making the impossible possible. Unlike conventional coated technologies, Equa-Tek™ spill-repellant technology is woven into the fibers of the fabric thus maintaining the natural feel and breathability of each garment.


Effectively resistant against any water-based liquids.

Red Wine

Our threads are fine-spun one spool at a time, saturating each fiber molecule with our proprietary spill and stain resistant formula, Equa-Tek™. We then choose colors from our palette of technology-infused spools to weave our designs into your favorite signature pieces. Once our hand selected blend of fabrics are sewn together, Equa-Tek™ works like a second skin barrier that naturally protects us against the sometimes harsh, unpredictable environment.

Damaging environmental elements are deflected; preserving your ensemble from water-soluble spills and stains while allowing airflow in and heat out. Our advanced materials increase the life of your garments, keeping them cleaner, fresher and dependable all day, every day. Equa-tek™ just made dressing for success effortless, accelerating you leaps ahead, preparing you for whatever life throws at you, literally.


Our technology does not involve chemical coating that alters handfeel or breathabilty.

Naturally soft
No coating

This is no raincoat. This is the future. Breathe easy as our fabrics do all the work for you. Interwoven technologically advanced fibers help regulate your body temperature by sustaining characteristics of the natural materials used to construct our garments. That’s right, more airflow means reduced perspiration and sweat induced stains keeping stale odors out and freshness in.

Effortless comfort and adaptability is important to us; that’s why we manufacture our products from premium fabrics that offer superior stability and an indulgent soft hand feel unlike any other spill and stain resistant wearable you you might have seen to date.

No Sweat stains reduced odor

Our technology prevents sweat from being absorbed by the fabric, instead it evaporates.

No sweat stains
Reduced odor
Longer wearable

Unfading stain resistance and optimal air ventilation circulate perspiration and moisture away from the body, reducing a significant amount of odor-producing bacteria that can thrive deep in the fibers of damp conventional fabrics. Increased freshness from drastically fewer bacteria keeps you fresher for longer and saves you the embarrassment of those horrifying sweat stains.

Equa-Tek™’s ability to maintain the purity of our apparel eliminates unnecessary steps and stress from your daily routine, boosting your confidence through the day and into the night without fear of the consequences of not bringing a change of clothes.


Our approach enables us to infuse countless natural materials, such as:

Merino Wool

Because Equa-Tek™ technology is infused on a molecular level, it has the ability to adapt to any of the finest, raw materials used in the production of our garments. The quality of Vardama clothing is superiorly woven from pristine, organic materials such as cotton, silk or merino wool, into beautiful fabrics that are both soft & strong and will last you years into the future.

No harmful toxins

Opposed to the current Industry standard we omitted any toxin from our manufacturing.

Toxin Free
Independently tested

Purity is priority. Did you know that nearly all conventional fabrics at your local retailers, especially those claiming to be wrinkle and stain resistant are made using toxic, potentially cancer causing chemicals such as formaldehyde, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) Toxin free, environmental efficiency is the foundation of Vardama’s proprietary modern wear.

We have independently tested our product to have zero formaldehyde, zero PFOA, zero PFOS nor any other harmful chemicals to the environment or to your health. Convenience does not have to come with such a harmful consequence.

Saves water by reducing washing cycles

Environmental benefits should be the norm. Using water more responsibly is a start.

Reduces Need
Saves up to 30% water

Buy less. Save more. Less staining and reduced bacteria result in fewer washes, saving tons of water per day. Having the flexibility to wash your garments in cold water and being able to hang them dry in the comfort of your own home can not only save you many trips to the dry cleaners, but will also save you from spreading harmful chemicals into our clean drinking water.

You can save too by investing in a wardrobe that will outlast others and nurture the environment around us.

The Vardama Difference

A new Industry

Industry average Vardama Products
Spill and Stain resistant
Sweat and odor resistant
Natural Materials
Toxin-Free (incl. FormaldEhyde*)
Reduces water consumption

Vardama was founded in 2014, with a goal to prove that our technology-infused garments are better than conventional fabric garments. We are a high-tech clothing brand, empowering you to go beyond your perceived limits and to push the boundaries of what it means to be a fashion company in the 21st century.

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Slim fit

EU 38 40 42 44
Neck 14.5 – 15 15.5 – 16 16.5 – 17 17 – 17.5
Chest 38 – 40 40 – 42 42 – 44 44 – 46
Sleeve 32 – 33 33 – 34 34 – 35 35 – 36

Our narrowest fit. Compared to our tailored fit, our slim fit is 2 inches narrower around the chest and 3 inches narrower around the waist, accentuating features of a slim silhouette.

A full length center box pleat in the back runs down the length of the shirt to maximize mobility.

Designed for a slim silhouette with a narrow chest and tapered waist. A box pleat in the back, runs the length of the shirt ensuring better functionality.



EU 38 40 42 44 46
Neck 14.5 – 15 15.5 – 16 16.5 – 17 17 – 17.5 18 – 18.5
Chest 40 – 42 42 – 44 44 – 46 46 – 48 48-50
Sleeve 32 – 33.5 33 – 34 34 – 35 35 – 36 36 – 37

We have refined our shirts to be more form fitting when tucked in or out, unlike traditional dress shirts that are too long, baggy and bulky.

Our tailored fit is considered a contemporary fit amongst other brands. Compared to our slim fit, our tailored Fit is 2 inches wider around the chest and 3 inches wider around the waist, making it a little roomier than our slim fit.

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